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May 2022

A Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace Makes Patio Season Last All Year!

Campeau Heating explores the benefits of having an outdoor fireplace in Sudbury, Ontario.

A Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace Makes Patio Season Last All Year!

Ontario summers are short and sweet. Sadly, we only get to experience this long-awaited season for about three months of the year - June 21st to September 23rd. So we cram in BBQs, bonfires, campouts and parties every weekend possible just to make the most of it. 

But with an outdoor fireplace, your outdoor patio season doesn’t have to start in June and end in September. It can last as long as you’d like!

You can enjoy the warm blaze of your outdoor fireplace no matter the season. Whether that be a peaceful spring morning, a lively summer night or a crisp autumn evening. 

Choose from our selection of modern, traditional, rustic or eclectic fireplaces to create the perfect all-season backyard ambience! We even offer a choice between wood-burning and gas fireplaces, so you can choose the most practical fuel choice for your home. 


3 Reasons To Invest In An Outdoor Fireplace This Summer

Are you looking for the perfect summer project in 2022? This is it! 

In fact, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits were one of the top 3 most popular outdoor design elements in 2018. 

And their popularity has only grown since then - especially when the pandemic first hit. 

Since restaurants closed down for so long, homeowners began creating their own backyard patio spaces. They installed comfy patio furniture, outdoor TVs, fancy bars, barbeques and, of course, outdoor fireplaces too. 

Now, their patio days don’t have to rely on anyone else’s schedule but their own! 

If you’re not sure whether an outdoor fireplace is a good investment for your home - keep reading! 


1. An Outdoor Fireplace Can Increase Your Home Value 

One of the best things about installing an outdoor fireplace is that it can,

  1. Increase the value of your home while 
  2. Increasing your comfort and enjoyment at the same time. 

So whether you’re renovating your home for personal use or to sell, an outdoor fireplace is the perfect project! 

Are you planning to sell your home this year? You’ll be happy to discover that updating your outdoor living space can actually increase your home value by 20%! 

And it’s easy to see why.

Homeowners love having the option of stepping outside their homes to enjoy the beauty of nature in their own backyard. That's why they are willing to invest in landscaping, gardening, decking, paving, patio furniture etc. 

Each of these exterior upgrades will improve the livability and comfort of their home! Making it more practical, convenient and enjoyable for their families. 

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor renovations has the same effect!

Imagine enjoying an outdoor fireplace in Sudbury, Ontario, during a chilly Canadian night! Prospective buyers will picture themselves snuggled up by the fireplace with their families. Or surrounding its flickering flame with their friends long into the night - making memories for years to come!

Plus, you can recoup about 80% of the upfront and operational costs! 


2. An Outdoor Fireplace Can Improve The Visual Appeal of Your Patio

What are some ways that an outdoor fireplace can improve the visual appeal of your outdoor living space? 


Fireplaces have long since been a prized aspect of residential homes - sparking romance, story-telling, laughter and joy.

Our fireplace suppliers - Napoleon and Heat & Glo - have captured this tradition and created outdoor fireplaces that hold this long-establish charm. 

With our selection of modern, rustic, classic and eclectic outdoor fireplaces, you can keep stoking that flame and creating memories of your own!


The design of your outdoor fireplace also plays a key role in the overall visual appeal of your patio. After all, it will become the focal point!

That’s why we recommend choosing a design that fits your specific living space and home exterior well.

And thankfully, outdoor fireplaces come in many shapes, sizes, finishes and features - so you have lots of design options to choose from!

Examples of Outdoor Fireplace Design Options:

  • Brick or stainless steel interiors 
  • Glass media 
  • Log style 
  • Stone or brick surroundings 
  • Decorative pieces etc. 


Backyard patios are the perfect space for a group, family or personal use. And with the right landscaping, furnishings and amenities, you can truly make it a luxurious getaway. 

Do you enjoy unwinding after a busy day, spending quality time with your family or entertaining a large group of friends? All from the comfort of your own backyard? If so, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition.

And that leads us to our third and final point!


3. An Outdoor Fireplace Can Extend Your Entertaining Space 

Practically speaking, creating a backyard patio scene adds a whole new dimension to your home’s entertaining space. Now, your family and friends can continue their dinner conversations and socialize outdoors in the fresh our!

During the pandemic, gathering outdoors was necessary. It made the outdoor fireplace a welcome reprieve from a video or phone call. But, long before the pandemic, spending time in nature, surrounded by the calm of a warm fire was always considered a luxury. And it continues to be that luxury today!


View Our Selection of Outdoor Fireplaces in Sudbury Ontario 

As a family run business, Campeau Heating understands the value and importance of spending quality time with family and friends. We ensure all our home heating systems are intentionally designed to serve your family’s needs and preferences first! So that you can embrace every season to its full extent! 

Are you looking for outdoor fireplaces in Sudbury, Ontario? We have one of Northern Ontario’s largest operating showrooms! Call our office to schedule a weekend appointment!

Heat & Glo Outdoor Fireplaces 

Shop Our Selection Here

Napoleon Outdoor Fireplaces

Shop Our Selection Here


Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Campeau Heating 

Keep the spark alive! 

This year, you can make summer last. With an outdoor fireplace designed for long-lasting memories, you’ll never have to say goodbye to your favourite season.

Give our heating crew a call at (705) 560-2441 or request a free quote online!

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Stuck Between a Gas or Charcoal Grill? Which Is The Best BBQ?

Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario, helps homeowners explore whether a gas or charcoal grill is the best BBQ for their family.

Stuck Between a Gas or Charcoal Grill? Which Is The Best BBQ?

Which is better - a gas grill or a charcoal grill? This question is actually one of the most controversial discussions in the grilling world!

We’re here to help clear the air a bit. 

After all, one really isn’t better than the other!

The best BBQ is less about the perfect cooking conditions and more about each grill master’s preferences. 

For example… 

A charcoal grill might give a smokier flavour, but a gas grill allows you to savour the natural taste of meat. 

A charcoal grill is probably the best BBQ for your taste preferences if you prefer a smoky-tasting steak. But if the natural taste of meat is something you prefer, then a gas grill might better suit you. 

Are you a seasoned griller or new to the trade?

Whether you’ve been grilling for years or are about to buy your first barbeque, we have one of the best grill selections in Sudbury! 

Everyone has their own grilling preferences. All you have to do is find your must-have tool of the trade! 

Once you find the perfect grill, you can make all your favourite grilling recipes


What Features Should You Look For In a New Barbeque?

At Campeau Heating, we always recommend a Napoleon BBQ. But whether that’s a gas barbeque or charcoal barbeque is entirely up to you! 

Let’s explore what makes both options unique. 


Heat-Up Time 

How long does it take a barbeque to heat up? 

If you barbeque quick weeknight meals for your family all summer long, then the heat-up time of your grill might be the most crucial factor to consider. 

However, if grilling is a passion or something you only do on the weekends, you might not mind waiting!

Charcoal Grill Heat-Up Time: 15-30 minutes 

A charcoal BBQ can take up to 30 minutes to preheat. And that doesn’t include the time it takes to ignite the charcoal either, which can add an additional 15 minutes to your prep time.

Gas Grill Heat-Up Time: 10 minutes

A gas BBQ only takes 10 minutes to heat up. And with instant ignition capabilities, you’re ready to start grilling in under 15 minutes! Plus, this quick preheat on your cooking grates gives fantastic sear marks! 


Cooking Power 

The cooking power of your barbeque tells you how hot your grill can get. 

The higher the heat, the hotter your grill can get. The hotter the grill gets, the faster you’ll be able to cook! 

Although some grillers prefer a slow sear, others prefer a quick meal. And if you plan to host backyard patios with lots of hungry guests, a powerful barbeque with a high heat capacity could mean the difference between dinner at 7 PM and dinner at 10 PM. 

Charcoal Grill Cooking Power: Usually up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit

Gas Grill Cooking Power: Usually up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit


Temperature Control 

The temperature control of your barbeque is what gives you the best control over your cooking. 

If you’re a seasoned griller, temperature control might not worry you. But if you’ve never done it before, looking for a grill with a set-it-and-forget-it type of temperature control might be your best option. 

Charcoal Grill Temperature Control: 

With a charcoal barbeque, you will need some practice and patience when learning to maintain a consistent cooking temperature. Because you are working with varying coals - each with a different size, shape and burning time - temperature control is quite difficult.

Gas Grill Temperature Control: 

A gas barbeque can easily maintain a steady heat level and distribute that heat evenly across the grill. 



The versatility of your grill can add incredible (and yummy) diversity to your menu. 

For example, if your barbeque has direct infrared and indirect heat, your cooking options are endless. You can bake, smoke, sear or grill! 

Some barbeques also come with multiple different burners and even rotisserie kits! 

Charcoal Grill Versatility: 

A charcoal barbeque can have direct and indirect cooking areas.

Gas Grill Versatility: 

A gas barbeque can have multiple burners, accessories and kits. 


Health and Safety

When selecting a barbeque for your backyard, one of your first instincts will be to check whether this appliance is safe for you, your family and your home. 

Charcoal Grill Health and Safety: 

  • The lack of temperature control could become a safety risk. 
  • The lighter fluid could cause health risks. 

Gas Grill Health and Safety:

  • A gas barbeque uses a cleaner fuel type (a natural gas BBQ), reducing its health and safety risks. 


Cleanup and Maintenance

It’s easy to get caught up in the cooking aspects of your barbeque and forget about the cleanup and maintenance factors. 

Charcoal Grill Clean-Up: 

A charcoal barbeque requires routine maintenance, regular ash disposal, and grate cleaning. 

Gas Grill Clean-Up: 

A gas barbeque requires: 

  • Routine maintenance
  • A routine check on the propane tank or gas line. 
  • A regular cleaning of the grill grates, drip pan and flavour bars. 



Lastly, the cost is a huge consideration when selecting a new barbeque. 

Charcoal Grill Cost: Less Expensive 

  • With far fewer components than a gas barbeque, a charcoal barbeque is definitely the cheaper option. They sell for as little as $25!

Gas Grill Cost: More Expensive 

  • A gas barbeque is much pricier - ranging from $500-1500. With advanced features, they can even go as high as $2,000!


Shop Our Napoleon Barbeque Line at Campeau Heating

See Our Selection 

Are you ready to expand your kitchen skills outdoors with our incredible Napoleonoutdoor products? Get in touch with our Campeau Heating team today to find the best BBQ for your backyard grill!

Our Napoleon Gas Grill Line

  • Napoleon Prestige PRO Series Gas Grills 
  • Napoleon Gas Grill - Prestige Series 
  • Napoleon Rogue SE Series 
  • Napoleon Rogue Series

Our Napoleon Charcoal Grill Line

  • Napoleon Charcoal Grills 
  • Napoleon Apollo Series 


Get Ready For Summer Grilling With Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario! 

Get your BBQ apron on and grab a flipper - Summer is almost here!

Still not sure which barbeque suits your cooking style, budget and taste? We are here to help!

You can reach out to our Campeau Heating team at 705-560-2441 or contact us online!

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