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Outdoor Heat and Glo Fireplace

Heat And Glo Fireplaces

Brings Warmth and Charm To Your Patio!

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Enhancing your outdoor space is an investment in your home, lifestyle and relationships. 

Nothing can beat sitting around a warm fireplace with your loved ones on a chilly autumn evening. And with an outdoor fireplace, you can bring that warmth and charm outdoors!

An outdoor Heat and Glo fireplace combines the cozy ambience of an indoor hearth with the great outdoors. So you can experience the best of both.

So circle around! 

Enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire as you appreciate nature's serene sounds and smells. Up North, there’s really nothing better!

5 Reasons To Install an Outdoor Heat and Glo Fireplace In Your Backyard

Northern Ontario is full of spectacular views. From the vibrant colours of fall to the sparkling snowflakes of winter. Each season is stunning.

So why is it that as soon as the colder months arrive, we run indoors to escape?

Many of us take the crisp autumn air as our cue to move indoors. But with an outdoor Heat and Glo fireplace, you can enjoy each season to the fullest!

Instead of escaping indoors this winter, take this as your cue to bring the warmth outdoors! Below are five ways an outdoor fireplace can transform your home and lifestyle. 

1. Add Cozy Ambience and Charm To Your Patio 

The luxurious design opportunities of our outdoor Heat and Glo fireplaces are incredible. From sleek and modern to traditional and homie, there is a perfect fit for everyone.

Our gas-powered and wood-burning options fit perfectly with large, stonework fireplaces. And our tabletop fire pits are entirely customizable. So you can design the shape and style that suits your space best. 

These designs truly bring that cozy ambience and charm from your living room to your patio.

2. Bring Warmth and Comfort Outdoors

Besides how aesthetically pleasing they are, outdoor fireplaces are not just for looks. Their purpose is actually to provide warmth and comfort to your outdoor living space. 

Your outdoor fireplace enhances the comfort of your patio space by encircling your patio in a warm glow.

So instead of closing your patio for the fall and winter seasons, you can stay outside! 

Continue enjoying the outdoors all year round - even during the coldest seasons.

3. Create a Space For New, Lifelong Memories 

Nothing can bring people together more closely than the warm glow of a fireplace. 

Fireplaces have gathered families and friends together for centuries - to rest, celebrate and enjoy each other's company. And today, fireplaces continue to have that gravitational effect.

Because they are typically located in the central area of your home, fireplaces have become a natural gathering place. It’s where loved ones celebrate holidays, have their most meaningful conversations and where they can truly feel at peace. 

An outdoor fireplace allows you to bring this memorable atmosphere outdoors!

4. Extend Your Entertaining Space

Why limit what our home has to offer? Extend your home entertainment space into the great outdoors with an outdoor Heat and Glo fireplace!

Instead of hunkering down for the winter inside, you can continue embracing the outdoors all year round. Your outdoor fireplace promises to keep you cozy and warm - even when the snow starts falling!

5. Improve Your Home Value

Outdoor fireplaces have incredible ROI (return on investment) for your home. They add a unique selling feature that is attractive, functional and memorable! 

According to the National Association of Realtors, fireplaces can increase the asking price of your home by up to 12%!!


Cozy Up In The Great Outdoors With a Heat and Glo Fireplace! 

At Campeau Heating, we offer one of the largest selections of outdoor fireplaces in Northern Ontario.

Explore our wide range of styles, customizations and sizes to find the perfect fit for your backyard! Our experienced staff work with you to find the perfect fireplace for your unique space. 

Contact Campeau Heating today for more information about our outdoor Heat and Glo fireplace selection. Or complete the form below and our fireplace specialists will contact you! 


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