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Campeau Heating Unit Heaters by Sterling

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Sterling Gas Fired Unit heaters

Duct furnaces are available in three basic models, Propellor, Blower and indoor duct furnaces. To assist in your individual application needs, each model is offered in multiple sizes and configurations.

Oil-Fired Unit Heater - Model QVOF

Sterling's model QVOF oil-fired unit heater is designed to operate on number 1 & 2 fuel oils. Available in eight sizes ranging from 70 to 560 MBH (0.50 to 4.00 GPH) all units are factory assembled and ready to install.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty 18 gauge heat exchanger
  • Energy efficient flame retention Beckett burner
  • Adjustable discharge air louvers
  • Fan/limit control
  • Four point suspension
  • CAD cell burner safeguard control
  • 115v, 60Hz

Product Literature

Steam & Hot Water Unit Heaters

As the leading producer of Steam and Hot water unit heaters, Sterling offers multiple types and sizes to meet your specific needs. Used in applications that utilize a centralized boiler system.

Steam & Hot Water Horizontal (Model HS)

Sterling model HS horizontal unit heaters are available in both serpentine(shown belowto left) and header type(shown to the right) units. Both units are furnished with totally enclosed motors as standard equipment, explosion proof motors are optional.

Serpentine units offer outputs from 8,030 to 35,900 BTU's and are ideal for hot water installations with limited clearances.

Header type horizontal units range from 18,000 to 360,000 and can operate with either hot water or steam.

Product Literature

Steam & Hot Water Vertical (Model VS)

Product Literature

Sterling model VS vertical unit heaters are designed for installations requiring down flow air delivery. Offered in 15 sizes ranging from 41,300 to 705,000BTU. Low output (increased airflow) units are available for high ceiling applications. All units are capable of add Steam or Hot Water operation.

Water Heaters

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