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Schedule Maintenance

Schedule Maintenance

Be sure to read the checklist before filling out the form, here are some simple things we recommend to try help you.

  • Check the power switch on your equipment – is it on?
  • Check the fuse box – is the breaker off?
  • Check the thermostat – are the batteries working? Is the thermostat at the proper setting (heat or cool)?
  • Check the air filter – is it clogged? Clean the air filter after every 3 months of usage.
  • Check the fan – is it on “auto” setting?
  • Check your outside air conditioning unit – is it clogged with leaves, twigs or other debris?
  • Has your unit been serviced lately?

Help a technician accurately and quickly diagnose your heating or cooling unit’s problem by being prepared to answer these questions:

  • The brand and/or model number of your unit.
  • The age of your furnace or air conditioner.
  • When was it last serviced and who last serviced it.
  • When the filters were last changed.
  • Did you check the circuit breakers to make sure none were “tripped”?
  • When did you first noticed that your unit was not working properly.
  • Was it making any unusual noises?
  • Are there any unusual odors?
  • Was there any unusual weather activity before the equipment acted up?
  • If you saw unusual fluids or leakage around the unit.

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