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Air Conditioning

Sudbury Ductless Air Conditioners

Looking for quiet, comfortable and safe cooling for your living space? A ductless air conditioner could be the solution! Ductless air conditioning offers affordable and efficient cooling, without the costly investment of ductwork installation.

By using advanced technology compressors and fans, these systems provide effective zoned cooling. So you can control your energy consumption, lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint!

At Campeau Heating, we’re proud to work with some of the most trusted brands in the cooling industry. These brands allow us to provide our Sudbury homeowners and cottagers with total home comfort.

See our selection of ductless air conditioners below!

Mitsubishi ElectricNapoleon


How Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Work?

We already mentioned that a ductless air conditioner does not need ductwork. So how does this unique cooling system actually work?

Ductless air conditioners operate using just two main parts, which is why they are also called ductless mini-split systems.

The first is the indoor unit with an evaporator coil. You can usually find this component mounted high on a wall. But homeowners can also mount it directly onto the ceiling if preferred.

The indoor unit absorbs heat from the indoor air and sends it to the condenser. Once the air has been cooled, it is sent back to this indoor unit and released into your indoor air.

The second component of a ductless mini-split is the outdoor condensing unit. The condenser is what removes heat from the air, cools it and returns it to the indoor unit.


Central Air Conditioning vs/ Ductless Air Conditioning: What Is The Difference?

The main difference between central and ductless air conditioning is the method of cooling distribution used.

Central air conditioners use ductwork to distribute even cooling throughout the entire home.

Ductless air conditioners rely on a series of indoor units to provide zoned cooling to specific rooms. Each indoor unit has its own zoned thermostat, allowing custom temperature control from room to room!


Where Should You Install Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning is a perfect cooling choice for areas in your home that need specific temperature control. This can include:

  • New additions
  • Sunrooms
  • Apartments
  • Finished basements
  • Homes without ductwork
  • Smaller homes... etc.


Why Choose Ductless Cooling?

Easy Installation

Depending on how many rooms you would like to install ductless cooling in, the number of necessary components can be quite low.

For example:

If you install a single ductless unit in a new addition to your home, you would only need to install one indoor unit with your outdoor condenser.


Energy Efficiency

The zoned cooling feature of a ductless A/C allows homeowners complete temperature control. This means that the fan speed of one unit can be set lower than that of another.

For example, your bedroom might be set at 16 degrees, while the basement is set at 18 degrees.

This flexibility helps reduce your energy consumption - effectively lowering your monthly energy bill!

In addition to the zoned cooling feature is the added efficiency of not using ductwork for cooling distribution.

The use of ductwork can potentially lead to energy inefficiencies, including:

  • Gaps
  • Tears or
  • Other structural weaknesses in the ductwork itself.


Indoor Air Quality

Besides offering effective and efficient cooling to your home, ductless air conditioners provide:

a) Humidity control and
b) Multi-layer filtration.

These features help improve indoor air quality - reducing allergens, dust and pollutants in your home.


Heating Capability

One of the incredible benefits of installing a ductless air conditioner is its versatility. A ductless A/C offer both cooling and heating without adding any equipment!



The space-saving benefits of a ductless air conditioner are incredible!

Central cooling requires a bulky indoor system and whole-home ductwork installation. But a ductless air conditioner only consists of 1 outdoor unit and 1-4 indoor units!


Low Maintenance

If caring for your HVAC system is overwhelming, a ductless air conditioner is a good option. If you go ductless, you never have to worry about ductwork cleaning or repair!

All you have to do is:

  • Clean the filters,
  • Clean the wall-mounted vents, and
  • Ensure that the area in and around your outdoor unit is clear.


Learn More About Ductless Air Conditioners From Our HVAC Experts at Campeau Heating!

More than anything, we want you to feel confident choosing Campeau Heating as your home comfort provider.

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