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Union Gas Rebates & Promotions

Looking for new and proactive ways to save money? Campeau Heating wants to make sure you are exposed to the right resources. Union Gas has special rebate offers and promotions for home renovation, switching to natural gas, government programs and home weatherization. Take advantage of these special rebate offers by clicking the links below and contact us to get started!

Union Gas Rebates & Promotions


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$650 Rebate ENERGY STAR®

Receive up to $650* by installing ENERGY STAR® qualified central heating and cooling system when purchased from and installed by Campeau Heating. Click here and contact us!

$112 Savings Coupons

Receive up to $112 in instant savings with annual Save on Energy coupons. Be efficient and buy efficient. Click here to find out more and contact us!

New Home Construction Program

Keep efficiency in mind when selecting a new home. Click here if you are in the process of buying a new home to find out how you can save and contact us!

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