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Stay Warm With The Napoleon 9600 Series High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Stay Warm This Season With a New Furnace From Campeau Heating!

The chilly months of winter have all but arrived and families are preparing to hunker down in their homes for a warm, joyful and peaceful season ahead.

That is, unless their furnace has lost its holiday spirit and has unexpectedly conked out. Are you starting to hear strange sounds coming from your HVAC system (Including maybe the odd “bah humbug”)? If so, it might be time to invest in a new, more reliable (and more peaceful) furnace for your home!

This year, embrace the season with a new, durable, sound-reducing furnace by Campeau Heating!


The Napoleon 9600 Series High Efficiency Gas Furnace

The 9600 Series features a two-stage gas valve and a variable-speed, energy efficient ECM blower motor. This two-stage furnace reduces temperature swings within your home, maintaining a more consistent, comfortable temperature all season-round!
The Napoleon furnaces are also the only gas furnaces manufactured in Canada and designed specifically for North American winters!


Here’s How The Two-Stage Gas Valve Works:

At up to 96% AFUE, the 9600 furnaces will operate on low fire for greater efficiency and comfort for most of the heating season.

On colder days, when the first stage cannot satisfy the heating demand, the furnace will automatically switch to the second stage, producing more heat!

Ultimately, this balance of heat production results in quieter operation cycles and less energy being consumed overall - meaning lower energy bills as well!

On top of that, the acoustically insulated blower compartment & thermally insulated heat exchanger compartment allow for a quiet and reduced clearance to combustible - meaning a more peaceful operation.

Paired with the added benefit of increased comfort, due to an improved balance of temperature in the home, this is the perfect furnace solution for your heating needs!

Additional Features:

  • The patented “SureView” window offers a unique view of the flame in operation.
  • This series offers a variable speed DC drive ECM motor for comfort and electrical savings.
  • Can be installed as a single pipe or a two pipe (direct vent) system.
  • Multiā€position furnace adaptable to any configuration with no additional kits.
  • Easily convertible to LP (propane) installations.
  • For use with single or two stage thermostats.


Your Holiday Shopping Starts At Campeau Heating

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