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With a Reliable Back-Up Generator, You'll Never Be Left In The Dark!

With a Reliable Back-Up Generator, You'll Never Be Left In The Dark!With spring comes storms. And with storms comes fallen trees, damaged hydro lines, sudden power outages and LIGHTS OUT!

But with a backup Kohler generator, you’ll never be left in the dark!

This automatic power supply is on standby 24/7/365, monitoring your electrical system and detecting any changes to your utility power. As soon as it detects an outage, it will automatically restore your power in an instant!

This spring, protect your home and family with a Kohler backup generator.

Our Backup Generator Selection By Kohler Power:


With a Kohler Standby Generator, The Difference is Like Night And Day!

At Campeau Heating we do our best to provide you with the services and products you need to stay both safe and comfortable all year long. That’s why we work with Kohler Power! So that you can have access to the very best backup generator solutions in Sudbury.

With a Kohler generator, you will have access to:

1.    Immediate Power Restoration

Losing your home’s power during a thunderstorm can be stressful. But restoring your power is easy! With a Kohler generator,  you can restore power to your entire home in just 10 seconds!

Every Kohler generator has a built-in automatic transfer switch (ATS) that monitors your electricity input from the utility source at all times - day and night!

As soon the ATS detects an outage, it will:

  1. Signal the generator to start, and
  2. Transfer power from the utility source to the generator.

A Kohler generator can power your entire home, including your:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electronics (TV, computer etc.)
  • HVAC utilities (sump pump, hot water heater etc.)
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing (showers, washing machine, toilets etc.)
  • And more!

Whether you want to back up your entire home, or only the essentials, your backup generator has the power you need!

*Based on generator and load size.


2. Reliable Power Protection

Kohler generators are all about reliability. Before they come to Campeau Heating, each backup generator undergoes thorough quality testing - top to bottom!

Before a generator is manufactured, Kohler Power engineers run each component through hundreds of performance tests. Even after production, the generator will undergo yet another performance test to ensure 100% reliability.

The result? A standby generator that you can trust to automatically power your entire home safely - right when you need it!


3. Everlasting Power Supply

A Kohler generator will never let you down! Once it detects the utility power outage and reroutes the power to your generator, it will continue to run until utility power returns. This unlimited power supply is possible for two reasons:

Kohler generators operate with natural gas or LPG.

Operating your automatic generator with natural gas or LPG ((liquefied petroleum gas) means it requires zero refuelling! So you never have to worry about putting more fuel in a tank to keep generating the power you need.

Kohler Generators are designed with a powerful, commercial-grade engine.

The unending power supply that your automatic generator provides is also possible through its commercial-grade engine.

This powerful engine is built to handle extreme workloads for an unlimited amount of time - meaning it will never give out on you!


Protect Your Power With a Backup Kohler Generator From Campeau Heating in Sudbury!

Spring is on the way! Is your power protected?

Safeguard your home and family this spring with a reliable backup generator by Kohler Power! Not only will you be restoring power to your home, but you’ll also be providing 24/7 home electrical protection from unstable energy supplies.

Kohler generator technology is trusted everywhere!

  • Residential homes
  • Commercial locations
  • Hospitals
  • Nuclear Power Plants

Even the National Weather Service uses KOHLER generators!

Are you searching for a reliable backup power solution? Get in touch with our Campeau Heating Technicians in Sudbury, Ontario!

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