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Accessories on the go

Enhance your portable grilling experience by using purposely built accessories for your Napoleon portable grill.

Enhance your portable grilling experience by using purposely built accessories for your Napoleon portable grill.
Pro285_griddle_with_food    63017-pt215-cover-napoleon-grills    n370-0367-freestyle-deck-post-mount_napoleon_grills
Cast Iron Reversible Griddle    FreeStyle™ Cover for PTSS215    FreeStyle™ Deck/Dock Post Mount
Take your portable grilling to an even higher next level with the Reversible Cast Iron Griddle.    Protect your Napoleon FreeStyle™ 215 portable grill with a long lasting specifically made cover.    Add convenience to your portable grill with the Deck Dock Post Mount.
56080        63017    MSRP $22.99    N370-0367    MSRP $188.00
n370-0366-freestyle-marine-mount_napoleon_grills    n370-0429-freestyle-rv-bracket_napoleon_grills     ptss215_prep_shelf-napoleon-grills
FreeStyle™ Marine Mount Bracket    FreeStyle™ Quick Release RV Bracket    FreeStyle™ Shelf for PTSS215
Set up anywhere including your boat with the Marine Mount bracket.    Hook up your portable grill to an RV, with quick release.    Need some additional prepping area while you're on the go? Add the FreeStyle™ Shelf.
N370-0366    MSRP $182.00    N370-0429    MSRP $56.00    N590-0120    MSRP $76.00
 n370-0365-freestyle-tailgate-bracket_napoleon_grills     63020_freestyle_bag_napoleon_grills     FreeStyle-Wall-Mount_napoleon_grills
FreeStyle™ Tailgate Bracket    FreeStyle™ Tote Bag    FreeStyle™ Wall Mount Bracket
Tailgate in class with the quick to assemble Tailgate bracket.    Go anywhere, anytime easily with your FreeStyle™ portable grill and exclusive Napoleon FreeStyle™ tote bag.    Set up your portable FreeStyle™ 215 grill at a convenient height with the Napoleon exclusive Wall Mount Bracket.
N370-0365    MSRP $114.00    63020    MSRP $37.99    N370-0364    MSRP $129.00
 ptss165_post_mount2_napoleon_grills     ptss165_rail_mount_napoleon_grills     ptss165_rv_mount_napoleon_grills
Post Mount for PTSS165    Rail Mount Bracket for PTSS165    RV Shelf for PTSS165
A convenient use anywhere post mount for your portable grill.    Hook up your  grill to multiple sized rails with a convenient rail mount bracket.    An easy to set up RV shelf exclusively for the Napoleon FreeStyle™ 165 portable grill.
N370-0611    MSRP $85.00    N370-0606    MSRP $89.00    56003    MSRP $27.49
 ps_68285-tq285-bag-napoleon-grills_1394_S     ps_71285-pro285-warming-rack-napoleon-grills_1414_S     63025-travelq-bag-napoleon-grills
TQ285 Bag    TQ285PRO Warming Rack    TravelQ™ Bag
Bag for Napoleon TravelQ 285. Ask your dealer for details.    Rack for the revolutionary TravelQ™ PRO285 Professional Portable Gas Grill.    Full sized bag exclusively for the Napoleon TravelQ™ 2225 model.
68285        71285        63025    MSRP $34.99
 tq-stand-napoleon-grills    cart-pro285-napoleon-grills-web    
TravelQ™ Portable Stand    TravelQ™ Stand for PRO285    
Long lasting portable stand exclusively for the Napoleon TravelQ™ 2225 model.    Napoleon’s TravelQ™ Cart for the PRO285 is the perfect perch for your PRO285 Portable Gas Grill.    
OG-STAND    MSRP $79.00    PRO285-STAND    MSRP $150.00