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Use these accessories on the grill to create entire meals

Make entire meals on your grill.

The grill is your one stop outdoor kitchen. All you need is the right accessories to make any meal outdoors. Use these accessories on the grill to create entire meals!
Stainless Steel Griddle    Stainless Steel Griddle    Pizza Set
PRO Stainless Steel Griddle    PRO Stainless Steel Griddle    PRO Pizza Stone with Wheel
PRO Series high quality stainless steel griddle specifically designed for the Prestige 308 gas grill.    PRO Series high quality large stainless steel griddle specifically designed for all Napoleon gas grills.    Grill the perfect pizza every time. Use the stainless steel pizza wheel for a reliable deep cut.
56016    MSRP $139.99    56018    MSRP $161.99    70001    MSRP $39.99
Gourmet Chef Set    Rib & Roast Rack    Professional Grill Topper
PRO Pizza Stone with Skewers and Rack    PRO Stainless Steel Rib & Roast Rack    PRO Stainless Steel Topper
Multiple quality grilling tools in one accessory pack for those days that you don't know what to grill.    Napoleon PRO series stainless steel Rib and Roast Rack for the grill master in every household.    Napoleon PRO Series Stainless Steel Topper for master grillers. For grilling small vegetables and other foods.
70002    MSRP $79.49    70009    MSRP $57.99    70023    MSRP $43.99
Round wok topper    Round wok topper    Three Fish Basket
Grill Wok    Rib Roast Rack & Pan    Multi-Grill Basket
Napoleon quality 11 inch grill wok, a perfect accessory to enhance your grilling experience.    The ultimate grill master 3 in 1 Napoleon accessory. Grill succulent ribs and roasts from one accessory.    The Napoleon Multi Grill Basket. Great for evenly grilling your vegetables, potatoes and fish.
56025    MSRP $16.99    56011    MSRP $24.99    57010    MSRP $24.99
Chicken Roaster    Wok Chicken Roaster    Cast Iron Frying Pan
Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster    Wok & Beer Can Chicken Roaster    Cast Iron Skillet
Napoleon high quality stainless steel chicken roaster, for restaurant quality roast chicken every time.    Grill a roast chicken on the beer can roaster and grill fresh vegetables in the wok at the same time.    Grill in style with a heavy duty Napoleon Cast Iron Skillet.
56021    MSRP $8.99    56020    MSRP $24.99    56003    MSRP $27.49
Cast Iron Griddle    Cast Iron Griddle     70014_stainless-skewer-set_white-napoleon-grills
Griddle 485/500/605/730    Griddle 325/450/600/750    Stainless Steel Shish Kebab set
Two sided large Napoleon griddle, perfect for cooking breakfast in the morning. Fits most Napoleon gas grills.    Two sided Napoleon griddle, perfect for cooking breakfast in the morning. Fits all Napoleon gas grills.    Heavy duty Napoleon stainless steel Shish Kebab set.
56040    MSRP $49.99    56060    MSRP $39.99    70014    MSRP $79.99
 70016-skewers-napoleon-grills    grilling-basics-marinade-injector    grilling-basics-pizza-stone-clean
Stainless Steel Shish Kebab set of 6    Marinade Injector    PRO Pizza Spatula
Heavy duty Napoleon stainless steel Shish Kebab set of six skewers.    Add flavor and moisture to any meats, vegetables and even potatoes with the Napoleon Marinade injector.    Napoleon PRO series stainless steel Pizza spatula with large head and fold-away wooden handle.
70016    MSRP $14.99    55027    MSRP $6.99    70003    MSRP $29.99
56029_tomato_rack-napoleon-grills    56028_pepper-trays-small_white-napoleon-grills    70004-black-pepper-grinder-napoleon-grills
Tomato and Pepper Roast Rack    Jalapeno and Pepper Roast Rack    PRO Pepper Grinder
Napoleon Tomato and Pepper Roasting Rack with large multi-sized openings for a variety of vegetables.    Napoleon Pepper roasting rack with multiple sized openings.    Napoleon high quality Pepper Grinder for adding the perfect touch of freshly ground pepper to their dishes.
56029    MSRP $29.99    56028    MSRP $19.99    70004    MSRP $24.99
PRO Salt Grinder        
Napoleon salt grinder for freshly ground coarse or fine salt.        
70005    MSRP $24.99