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Flavour, cook and preserve.

Smoker Accessories by Napoleon® add a hint of smokiness to your food.

Smoking is the exposure of, mostly, meat and fish, to the smoke from burning or smoldering wood, for the purpose of flavoring, cooking, or preserving food. Add a hit of smokiness to your food with these Smoker Accessories.
Smoker Pipe    67400-charcoal_baskets2-napoleon-grills    67800-starter-with-charcoal_1-napoleon-grills
PRO Stainless Steel Smoker Pipe    Charcoal Baskets for Kettle Grill    Charcoal Starter
Turn your gas grill into a smoker.  A simple tool for enhancing the flavor of your food.    For easy management of your charcoal the Napoleon Charcoal Baskets are designed specifically for Rodeo and PRO kettle grills.    Quick, safe and efficient charcoal starter from Napoleon.
67011    MSRP $15.49    67400    MSRP $31.49    67800    MSRP $29.49
Smoker Tray    Charcoal Tray    55100-toolhook-napoleon-grills
Cast Iron Charcoal / Smoker Tray    Charcoal Tray for 308    Tool Hook Bracket for Rodeo Grill
Turn your Napoleon Prestige and Mirage gas grills into a Charcoal grill and smoker for enhanced food flavor (except 308).    Turn your Napoleon Prestige 308 gas grill into a Charcoal grill for enhanced food flavor.    Keep your grilling tools handy with the Napoleon Tool Hook Bracket for all Napoleon Rodeo kettle grills.
67731    MSRP $47.99    67308    MSRP $73.99    55100    MSRP $9.99
AS300K_stacker_napoleon_grills_web    67032-cedar-plank-napoleon-grills    67033-maple-plank-napoleon-grills
Chamber Assembly for Apollo® 300    Napoleon Cedar Planks    Napoleon Maple Planks
Add an additional grilling level with the chamber assembly for your Napoleon Apollo® 300    Specifically for plank grilling the Napoleon Cedar plank adds flavor to any food.    Specifically for plank grilling the Napoleon Maple plank adds flavor to any food.
PNA90007    MSRP $79.00    67032    MSRP $7.59    67033    MSRP $7.59
67002-maple_wood_chips_napoleon_grills     67001-mesquite_wood_chips_napoleon_grills     67003-hickory_wood_chips_napoleon_grills
Maple Wood Chips    Mesquite Wood Chips    Hickory Wood Chips
Napoleon Maple Wood Chips for use in smoking, to enhance your food flavor.    Napoleon Mesquite hardwood chips for use in smoking, to enhance your food flavor.    Napoleon Hickory hardwood chips for use in smoking, to enhance your food flavor.
67002    MSRP $6.59    67001    MSRP $6.59    67003    MSRP $6.59
67005-cherry_wood_chips_napoleon_grills    67007-apple_wood_chips_napoleon_grills    wood-chips_reflect-napoleon-grills
Cherry Wood Chips    Apple Wood Chips    Whiskey Oak Wood Chips
Napoleon Cherry hardwood chips for use in smoking, to enhance your food flavor.    Napoleon Apple Wood Chips provide a pleasant fragrance and light sweet smoke.    Napoleon White Oak Wood Chips made from recycled whiskey barrels, for use in smoking.
67005    MSRP $6.59    67007    MSRP $6.59    67004    MSRP $6.59