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Air Conditioning

The convenient yet effective heating and cooling system

Minimal installation hassle and maximum comfort and performance.


The 16 SEER Ductless Air Conditioner features a DC inverter for high efficiency and lower fuel bills. Superior operation drastically reduces noise.
16 SEER Ductless Air Conditioner



16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ensures optimum comfort without intensifying utility bills.
9,000 to 24,000 BTU models of heating and cooling capacity.
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) range from 9.2 to 12.2 in the series.
Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.
WHISPER QUIET™ operation with an indoor sound rating as low as 30 dB and the outdoor unit as low as 54 dB. See the brochure for noise levels of each model.
Easy to use remote control thermostat, controls all functions of the indoor unit.
Air filtration, filter helps clean volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and harmful gasses and odours. Consistently provides healthy air.
Improved efficiency, a multi-bend evaporator within the indoor unit helps increase heat exchange surface, in turn improving efficiency.
Auto restart, if the air conditioner turns off unexpectedly due to power failure, it will restart with the previous function setting automatically, once power is restored.
Turbo operation,  will maximize the output of cooling or heating capacity and make the room heat up or cool down rapidly and attain the desired temperature in the shortest time.
Sleep mode, Maintain energy savings and comfort in night operation. Automatically increases cooling or decreases heating 1? C (1.8°F) per hour for the first two hours and then maintains temperature for the next five hours until it shuts off.
Auto swing, distributes air to the farthest reaches of your home by automatically moving the blades.
Easy clean panel, front panel of indoor unit is detachable for easy cleaning.
PTC heating belt, a heating belt is fitted on the base plate of the outdoor unit to avoid accumulation of rain, snow or water on the base plate. Outdoor unit must be installed 2 ft. above ground.
DC inverter, high efficiency for lower fuel bills. Superior operation drastically reduces noise.
LED display, the flat panel LED display window illuminates the temperature for easy reading. It reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Low ambient cooling, this allows the air conditioner to be used in outside temperatures as low as 15? C (34°F).
Energy Star Rated (Excluding 24,000 BTU Model).
This feature prevents the evaporator from freezing and will prolong the life of the product and save energy.
Different from the cooling operation, the independent dehumidification mode efficiently removes humidity from the space without lowering the temperature.
When the heat mode is started the fan speed is automatically regulated from the lowest level to the preset level according to the temperature rising of the evaporator. This prevents a blast of cold air being released upon start up.

Remote Control System
The remote control allows the positioning of the air handling unit high on a wall or suspended from a ceiling, without compromising convenience and puts you in full control. Functions such as the Auto Swing distributes the hot or cold air to the farthest reaches of your home just by the push of a button. Even check the temperature in your home without getting up to look at the thermostat. Convenience and comfort all at your finger tips.
Remote    1. Temperature setting
2. On/Off
3. Mode setting Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan
4. Sleep mode
5. Swing controls the air distribution
6. Vane control changes the direction of air movement
7. Temperature indicator shows set temperature
8. Fan speed setting High/Med/Low
9. Fan speed sets air rate
10. Timer setting
11. Turbo increases fan speed
12. LED display
Campeau Heating  is proud to be affiliated with some of the most trusted brands in the industry in order to give you total home comfort. Time after time, Campeau heating  has led the way in Sudbury by selecting products  that continually surpasses industry standards.  More than anything we want you to feel confident in choosing Campeau Heating  as your home comfort provider.

Campeau’s  commitment to producing quality installation combined with honest, reliable service has proven to be a successful benchmark to ensuring the continued growth of the company.

Thank you for the opportunity from the Campeau Family

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