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With a Kohler Backup Generator, You Can Restore Your Home's Power In Just 10 Seconds!

Campeau Heating helps restore and protect your home's power with a Kohler backup generator.

With a Kohler Backup Generator, You Can Restore Your Home's Power In Just 10 Seconds!

Spring comes with many weather-related twists and turns. From thunderstorms to torrential downpours and gusty winds, there’s always something in the air (literally). But this intense season brings more than just flying debris, fallen trees, lightning strikes, and water damage. 

Did you know that these spring weather conditions can also wreak havoc on your home electrical system? 

Spring weather conditions can cause: 

  1. Damage to power lines. 
  2. Power outages.
  3. Power surges. 
  4. Electrical overload and more!

To help protect your home, your family and your investments, we recommend installing an automatic backup generator. This automatic power supply restores your power instantly and protects your entire electrical system 24/7!

At Campeau Heating, we’re all about keeping our local homeowners and business owners informed, prepared and protected. That’s why we supply automatic generators by Kohler Power!


What Is a Backup Generator? How Does It Work? 

A backup generator (also known as a standby or automatic generator) is a guaranteed power source. It can keep your entire home running, even during a power outage! 

Here’s How Your Automatic Standby Generator Works: 

Step 1. Your backup generator detects a utility power outage. 

As its name implies, a standby generator is always on the ready - 24/7/365! It’s also connected directly to your home electrical system. So when utility power to your home electrical system is lost, your standby generator is the first to know! 

Step 2. The generator automatically redirects power. 

When power is restored, there is usually a sudden surge of high voltage, called a power surge, that heads straight to your devices. A power surge is why our team advises you to unplug your electronics during a power outage. If not protected by a surge protector, this voltage will essentially fry your devices with an electrical overload.

Thankfully, your automatic generator can also act as a surge protector. Once it realizes the outage, it will automatically reroute the power!

Step 3. Your generator powers your home for as long as you need.

Once your generator has begun powering your home electrical, it will continue to do so until utility power is restored. This could take hours, weeks or even months! But regardless of how long your utility power is out, your backup generator will stay on.

This unending power supply is possible through the commercial-grade engine built into your Kohler generator. This engine is designed to handle extreme workloads for as long as you need it to! 

Step 4: Your generator automatically powers off when it’s no longer needed.

Once utility power is restored, your backup generator will automatically power down - ready and waiting for the next power emergency! 


The Difference a Kohler Generator Can Make

At Campeau Heating we work with Kohler Power to provide you with the very best backup generator solutions in Sudbury. 

The 4 Most Innovative Components On Your Kohler Backup Generator And How They Work:

1. The Automatic Transfer Switch

Your Kohler generator is equipped with an automatic transfer switch (ATS). This switch monitors your electricity input from the utility source at all times - day and night! 

2. The Power Indicator 

The power indicator identifies where your power is coming from. Normally, this would tell you that your home’s power is coming from the utility power source. But, if you’ve recently lost power, this will tell you that your power is now sourced from your generator. 

3. The Weekly Self-Test 

Your Kohler generator has a built-in weekly self-test. These automatic diagnostic tests run for about 20 minutes each week and ensure peak performance. 

4. The OnCue System 

Your Kohler Generator operates automatically, whether you’re home or not. But did you know that with the OnCue Kohler Generator Management System, you can monitor your generator externally? This system communicates directly with the device of your choosing so that you can receive real-time updates wherever you are!

Restore Power To Your Home In 10 Seconds Flat With A Kohler Generator! 

One of the reasons we choose to work with Kohler Power generators is their power restoration turnaround time. A Kohler generator can redirect and restore power in only 10 seconds!

A Kohler generator can also generator power to your entire home, including your: 

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electronics (TV, computer etc.)
  • Heating 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Lighting 
  • Hot water heater 
  • Sump pump 
  • Heat pump
  • Plumbing (showers, washing machine, toilets etc.)
  • And more! 

Whether you want to back up your entire home, or only essential utilities, your backup generator has the power you need!

Speak with your Campeau Heating technician today to select the best generator size and load capacity for your power needs.


Why Choose a Natural Gas Backup Generator?

A backup generator fuelled by natural gas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is quickly becoming the cleaner and safer generator solution. If you’re looking for a way to provide a reliable power backup to your home without harming the environment or breaking the bank, this is it! 

Benefits of a Natural Gas Backup Generator:

  • Reduced emissions. 
  • Safe operation. 
  • Low maintenance.
  • Zero refuelling.
  • Cost-effective. 
  • Minimal environmental risks.
  • Reduced operation costs. 


Never Be Without Power Again! Learn More About The Kohler Generator From Your Campeau Heating Technicians.

This spring, be prepared for anything! 

You can rely on your automatic backup generator to keep things running - day or night.

Looking for a reliable backup power supply for your home, business or cottage? Contact our Campeau Heating Technicians in Sudbury, Ontario, today! 

You can reach our office at (705) 560-2441 or Fill In This Form For a FREE QUOTE!

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