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Why Should You Switch To A Tankless Water Heater In 2022?

Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario, explains the benefits of switching to a tankless water heater in 2022.

Why Should You Switch To A Tankless Water Heater In 2022?

Would you believe that one of the most sought after features in a home is its supply of hot water? Although this isn’t something realtors usually include in their home evaluations, it is a prominent feature of the house - and one that is impossible to hide after an attempted hot shower or bath.

During the summer months, a lack of hot water isn’t normally a priority. But, during the cold, winter months of Sudbury, Ontario, not having enough hot water isn’t something you can ignore. Waking up on a dark, chilly morning in January without the comforts of a warm shower is simply not an option - or at least, you wouldn’t choose for it to be.

Whether you are continually running out of hot water with your large family, or your water heater just doesn’t seem to be heating to the proper temperature, our HVAC experts at Campeau Heating can help! 

In this timely article, we will discuss common hot water heater issues, how to identify them and how to prevent them in the future. We’ll then discuss the reasoning and benefits of switching to a tankless water heater system - including energy efficiency, on-demand water heating and space saving! 


Why Is Your Current Water Heater System Not Working Properly?

To start, we’ll tell you how to troubleshoot your current water heater tank  - helping you pinpoint the exact reasoning behind your hot water issues.

6 Reasons Your Tank Might Be Running Out Of Hot Water:

1. Old Age 

Every HVAC system has an estimated lifespan, even your hot water heater! 

In fact, the average hot water heater tank, whether electric or gas, has an average life expectancy of 10-15 years.  

Once your hot water tank has reached this expected lifespan, you’ll likely start noticing a lack of hot water, as well as a myriad of other issues…

Tip: If you’re not sure how old your hot water tank is, check the serial number.

2. Tank Leak 

A tank leak is, unfortunately, not a simple fix. Actually, in most cases it is a clear sign that your hot water heater needs to be replaced. 

Tip: To check for tank leaks, look for drips of water on the tank itself, leaking pipes or a pool of water beneath the tank. 

3. Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure causes sediment to build-up at a quicker rate. If you’re lucky, and have caught this build-up of sediment early enough, a quick maintenance call can effectively fix the issue. However, if you’ve let this low water pressure continue for an elongated amount of time, then you will most likely need to replace your entire hot water heater. 

Tip: To check for low water pressure in your home, turn your shower and sink faucets on full blast. Then, proceed to flush the toilet. If you notice that the shower’s water pressure slows during the flush, it’s highly likely that you have low water pressure needing attention right away. 

4. Inconsistent Water Temperature 

Inconsistent water temperature is one of the most obvious signs of a broken water heater, as it points to the possibility of malfunctioning heating elements within your tank. 

Tip: Pay close attention to the temperature consistency of your water during a 10-minute shower. If the temperature begins to rise or fall unexpectedly, there is most likely a problem with either your thermostat or your entire water heating unit. 

5. Thermostat Malfunctioning 

A malfunctioning thermostat is a common issue that is highly overlooked when troubleshooting for a lack of hot water. Why? Because it can seem like an oversimplified fix. 

Thermostat settings are easy to change and, oftentimes, are changed by accident due to simply bumping the unit. 

If your thermostat was simply knocked or set lower by accident, this is an easy fix!

Tip: Set the temperature back to normal (around 120 degrees Fahrenheit). If set too low, you could risk bacteria growth within your hot water tank. If set too high, you could risk serious burns to your exposed skin.

6. Broken Dip Tube 

A dip tube is supposed to push cold water to the bottom of the tank where it will be heated. If this piece of equipment is broken, this could cause insufficient water circulation within your tank, leaving your hot water more lukewarm, or even cold! 

Tip: If your hot water heater is over 20 years old (especially those made between 1993 and 1997), you could be causing increased hot water problems, as well as faucet clogging. 


Prevent Hot Water Tank Issues 

To help protect your hot water heater equipment and keep your HVAC system running as it should, we highly recommend scheduling regular preventative maintenance appointments with your Sudbury plumbing crew at Campeau Heating! 

If you’ve noticed any of the above warning signs pointing towards a damaged hot water heater, we encourage you to schedule your HVAC system tuneup with our team as soon as possible. 


Preventative HVAC System Maintenance 

At Campeau Heating, we offer maintenance services for a variety of HVAC equipment - including heating, air conditioning, fireplaces, indoor air quality equipment and hot water heating equipment. 

Replacing Your Hot Water Tank With A Tankless Water Heater

If your hot water tank has reached the end of its life, and it’s time to look into a replacement system, we highly recommend considering a tankless water heater installation - and here’s why!

Benefits Of a Tankless Water Heater:

  • Hot Water On Demand 
  • Less Energy Usage 
  • Increased Efficiency 
  • Longer Lifespan (5-10 years longer than a traditional hot water heater) 
  • Increased Space Availability In Your Home 
  • Endless Hot Water

A tankless hot water heater is both an affordable and efficient hot water solution, providing your whole family with instant and endless hot water. 

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

A tankless water heater doesn’t function with a tank. Instead, they operate on demand - heating water as it is needed, rather than storing it in a large tank until use.

As opposed to a hot water tank, which heats up between 20 and 50 gallons at a time, a tankless water heater provides unending hot water in an instant. 

Install Your Tankless Water Heater With Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario

Is your current water heater not able to keep up with the demands of your home? Has it begun to malfunction, leaving your family to enjoy frigid showers all winter long? 

If so, then this is the year to start considering the installation of a tankless water heater!

Give our HVAC team a call today (705) 560-2441 or contact us online!

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