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Enjoy reading our Campeau Heating and Cooling Blog

Here we try to provide helpful tips and education on everything important to your family. Whether it's keeping you warm in the winter, cool in the summer or clean air quality year around. Read the Campeau Blog Today!
Advice from the Professionals
TOP 7 WAYS TO keep warm AND save on heat and energy costs this winter Countdown!

7.       Time to get creative with the home basics! Turning on and reversing the direction of your ceiling fan anytime you are using your heat can help by forcing warm air that has risen to the ceiling down where it can be cherished by you and your loved ones. No sense in having the heat blasting if you are only getting 40% of it.


This winter you can use simple methods to ensure that you’re not only keeping your family warm, but save on heating and energy costs in your home. These ideas are awesome because they allow your family to work together as a unit having the peace of mind knowing their making the home more efficient and keeping everyone inside the home safe from toxins. In case of a malfunction in the dead of 

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