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Enjoy reading our Campeau Heating and Cooling Blog

Here we try to provide helpful tips and education on everything important to your family. Whether it's keeping you warm in the winter, cool in the summer or clean air quality year around. Read the Campeau Blog Today!
Advice from the Professionals
TOP 7 WAYS TO keep warm AND save on heat and energy costs this winter Countdown!


5.       Humans, animals and gardens need a little TLC….Oh and one more thing! Insulating your hot water pipes can be used as a strategy to reduce heat loss. This means you would be saving money by keeping your water heaters at a lower temperature because the wait would be minimal for hot water in your home. This keeps members of your house hold happy and you happy knowing you’ve made things easier for your loved ones and saved yourself some dollars on the side.

Keep an eye out for most posts on how to keep warm and save on home energy and heating costs this winter!


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