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Start Saving Money and Staying Healthy With An Air Exchanger Installation

Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario, offers energy saving tips for improved indoor air quality this year.

Start Saving Money and Staying Healthy With An Air Exchanger Installation

Have your energy bills begun to stack up this summer? With the recent heat wave, it’s been a challenge for homeowners to keep their energy bills from skyrocketing! And with the pandemic still in motion, trying to keep yourself and your family healthy is also top of mind! 

Is there a way to do both - save money AND stay healthy?


One of the highly recommended solutions to helping achieve both goals is to install an air exchanger within your home!

Until roughly the 20th century, your “air exchanger” was an open window. This solution allowed for stale air to be essentially let out, and for fresh air to drift in. But, thankfully, the world has drastically evolved since then! 

Today, our air exchanger method is much more advanced - and thank goodness for that! As the pandemic continues, having clean indoor air is so important! 

But not only is our health thanking us, but our bank account too! 

Keep reading to find out how installing an air exchanger can benefit your indoor air quality


What Is An Air Exchanger?

An air exchanger is a ventilation and climate control system that aims to bring fresh air in from the outside.

There are two main types of air exchanger systems: 

  1. HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator 

  2. ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator)

Both of these systems function in similar ways, however in Northern Ontario, we usually recommend installing an HRV. 


HRVs don’t cause as much indoor air humidity reduction, which allows for more moisture in our indoor air - something our northern homeowners with dry air are grateful for!

Regardless of the system you choose, however, both allow for regular air cycles and can aid in temperature control. 

3 Benefits Of An Air Exchanger: 

  1. Removes your stale indoor air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. 

  2. The humidity levels of your home are properly balanced and maintained. 

  3. Recycles heat energy in order to pre-cool or pre-heat incoming air.

  4. Lowers your energy bills by recycling heat energy. 

How Does An HRV Work To Keep Your Air Properly Ventilated?

Did you know that Toronto actually requires ALL new home construction to install an air exchanger? That’s how effective they are at cleaning the indoor air quality of your home! 

Since our most highly recommended air exchanger system is the HRV, let’s talk about this product in more depth! 

Essentially, the HRV splits the air flow into two separated pathways. Logically, this would be one pathway for fresh incoming air and one pathway for stale outgoing air. In order for this process to work effectively, it’s important that these pathways are clear and do not intertwine.That’s why they are entirely self-contained!

At the very centre of these two pathways lies the heat recovery core, which transfers energy in the form of heat from one air stream to another - hence, Heat Recovery!

You can probably guess how this heat energy is then used to aid in temperature control, but we’ll break it down anyway!

Pre-heating Cold Fresh Air In Winter 

The heat energy within the stale outgoing air is recycled and used to pre-heat the cold fresh air.

Pre-cooling Hot Fresh Air In Summer

The heat energy from fresh incoming air is recycled and pushed back outside, ensuring that the fresh incoming air is pre-cooled.

Can I Still Use An Air Exchanger Without Ducts?

Although it is easier and more common to install a heat recovery ventilator within your ducted HVAC system, it is possible to install a ductless air exchanger as well! 

This option, however, was not available until recently when the pandemic began and increased the need for cleaner indoor air quality. 

Did you know that the ductless air exchanger also has an allergy-symptom reducing option? This specialized add-on air filter is used for trapping solid particles - like pollen and dust! 

How Is Using An Air Exchanger Cheaper?

Although your air exchanger will require the use of energy in order to run, a number of official estimates say that the HRV can capture from 75-90% of the heat energy present in your cycled air! 

This means that you can save up to 50% of your seasonal energy expenses!

Maximize Your Savings: In order to MAXIMIZE your savings, ensure that your newly installed Heat Recovery Ventilator is Energy Star certified!

Contact Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario, For Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Did you know that inadequate air ventilation in your home can increase indoor pollutant levels? By not bringing in enough fresh outdoor air to dilute those harmful emissions from indoor sources and failing to remove indoor air pollutants from the home, your indoor air quality will steadily decrease. 

Increasing temperatures and high humidity levels can also increase the concentrations of some of these harmful indoor air pollutants! 

At Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario, we care about your health AND budget! Contact our qualified team of indoor air quality experts to learn more about our HVAC ventilation options so that you can start lowering your energy bills and protecting your health this year! 

Contact our Indoor Air Quality Specialists at (705) 560-2441 or Fill Out Our Indoor Air Quality Service Form!

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