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Furnace Repair Warning Signs and How To Fix Them!

Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario, offers 6 reasons why you're home's furnace might not be working.

Furnace Repair Warning Signs and How To Fix Them!

Although we are all desperately awaiting that warmer weather, unfortunately spring in Ontario has other ideas! With cold, windy weather outside, we are all doing our best to stay warm (and hopeful!) indoors! 

The problem is, your furnace has already been on overdrive for quite a few months now! If it hasn’t already begun to slow down, that unwelcome outage could be any day now! 

So how do we recognize these warning signs before they become too serious? Keep reading to find out! 

Our Campeau Heating technicians in Sudbury, Ontario, are here to keep your home heating running smoothly! We’ve been fixing residential and commercial HVAC for years and have tons of experience with furnace repair and furnace maintenance


6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

If your furnace has begun to blow cold air, rather than that warm air that you are expecting, it’s definitely time to do some troubleshooting!

Thankfully, your HVAC experts at Campeau Heating have created a list of 6 reasons why your furnace temperature might be malfunctioning.

1. Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

The thermostat of your HVAC system is the brains of your home’s heating system. So, when your thermostat is malfunctioning, or your furnace is failing to provide the proper temperature throughout your home, this is the first thing you should be looking at! 

There are two main things that you can investigate when troubleshooting your thermostat.

The first is your thermostat setting. Within your thermostat settings you can normally adjust the temperature and fan speed. 

During the current pandemic, many homeowners are choosing to keep their HVAC fan running constantly (rather than on auto) in order to increase air flow in their home. The downside to this is that, while you are increasing airflow, your energy bill can increase quite a bit as well.

On top of that, this constant fan running can create cool air drafts in between the furnace cycles.This could be why your furnace is blowing more cold air than warm air! 

The second point here is your thermostat calibration. It could be that your thermostat is simply not calibrated correctly, which causes the temperature output to not match the desired temperature setting. Thus, COLD INCOMING AIR!

2. You’ve Got a Dirty Furnace Filter

If your furnace filter is not changed regularly, your furnace will have to use more and more energy in order to push air through to your ductwork. Not only does this increase your energy bills, but your blower motor might actually overheat! 

Not sure how to change your own furnace filter? Contact our HVAC specialists in Sudbury and schedule your furnace maintenance appointment right away! 

3. Your Drain Pipe Might Be Clogged

Did you know that your furnace has a drain? Many homeowners have forgotten this! Why? Because it’s easy to forget about your furnace drain when your line is performing as it should. 

In other words, it’s hard to notice that it actually even exists - that is, until it gets clogged!

This could be the cold air culprit that you’re looking for! 

But don’t worry! This is an easy fix! Call Campeau Heating furnace repair technicians in Sudbury today!

4. Your Pilot Light Has Problems 

No, this is not referring to an airplane! If you have a furnace that runs on natural gas, then you probably have a pilot light! This is a small, blue flame within your furnace. It’s purpose is to ignite the natural gas, resulting in HEAT! 

If your pilot light is experiencing problems, there are few common causes: 

  1. Your furnace is simply old and the pilot light has just stopped working all together. In this case, all you have to do is call our Campeau Heating team for a furnace repair appointment and we’ll get it working for you again! 

  2. The pilot light is simply dirty. When dirt and grime begin to pile up on your furnace light, it can actually cause a blockage. 

  3. Lastly, your pilot light thermocouple could be malfunctioning. This device detects whether your furnace’s pilot light is on. If this device is malfunctioning, simply give our Campeau Heating team a call!

5. There’s a Problem With Your Fuel Connection 

In order to create heat, you need fuel. But if your furnace has a connection issue and cannot receive the fuel properly, then it cannot produce this warm air. 

Always remember that dealing with fuel, heat and electricity can be very dangerous. We always recommend that you call one of our experienced HVAC technicians if you are experiencing any problems with your furnace. 

6. Your Ducts Could Be Leaking

When was the last time you checked your ductwork? If you’re like most homeowners, this isn’t necessarily something you keep up with on a regular basis. However, your ductwork is basically the lungs of your home. So, if your lungs are malfunctioning, the rest of the home will suffer the consequences. 

If your home’s ductwork has been around for a while, chances are there are leaks and cracks within the system. This could cause less warm air to be circulating through the ductwork properly.

At Campeau Heating in Sudbury, we offer air duct cleaning as well as ductwork patching so that your home’s airways can stay clean and efficient. 


Contact Campeau Heating in Sudbury For Your Furnace Maintenance and Repair Needs

We get it - not everybody lives and breathes HVAC. However, we would argue that everyone lives and breathes BETTER with a proper HVAC system. If your furnace is beginning to show warning signs - such as a lack of warm air - call our team! 

You can reach us at (705) 560-2441 !

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