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Baby It’s Cold Outside...But Thankfully It’s Warm Inside!

Campeau Heating in Sudbury, Ontario, helps homeowners choose between radiant heating or a forced air furnace this holiday season.

Baby It’s Cold Outside...But Thankfully It’s Warm Inside! 

The Christmas season is here in full force and we’re all for it! This is truly one of our favourite times of the year. Seeing everyone’s beautiful Christmas trees glowing brightly through frosted windows is such an incredible sight. 

But what really and truly makes us jolly is seeing families cozied up in their homes - safe and sound for the winter season. After the most recent Ontario weather forecast release, we’re in for quite the winter of snow, ice and rain!

Although you might be accustomed to the crazy Canadian weather, this is not the time to put down your guard and become lax in your winter preparations. In fact, with all sorts of drastic weather coming our way, it’s time to do more than just hunker down in hibernation.

It’s up to you, as homeowners, to ensure that your house and family are kept warm, safe and comfortable throughout the frigid season ahead. And that all starts with your home’s heating!

Is your heating “up to snuff”? Is it operating smoothly, without any clangs and bangs? Is it providing your home with enough heat to keep everyone warm? 

If not, and a new heating system is being forecasted in your near future, then it’s important that you have the necessary information to make an informed decision on your heating upgrade.

If you’re in the process of choosing a new heating system, keep reading! We’re going to provide you with everything you need to know about radiant heat vs. forced air furnaces.


Radiant Heat Vs. Forced Air Furnaces: Which Is Better?

Before you make any immediate decisions when it comes to your home’s heating solution, it’s important that you know all the facts. This should never be a rushed decision and will normally involve quite a bit of research on your part. 

If, after reading this article, you would like further information on these heating systems or others that we offer, please contact our team!

Forced Air Furnace Heating

Forced air heating is a form of heating that utilizes air ducts when transferring heat from room to room. 

Essentially, forced air furnaces will preheat the air and then proceed to send it out throughout the home. 

Types Of Forced Air Furnaces At Campeau Heating: 

If you’re considering installing a forced air furnace, consider these pros and cons: 

Forced Air Furnace Pros

  • Affordable 
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Enhanced Air Circulation 
  • Quick (providing instant heat)
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality 
  • Easy To Install (if you already have ductwork installed)
  • Reliable 

Forced Air Furnace Cons

  • Noisy 
  • Uneven room temperatures 
  • Less efficient when there are duct leaks present
  • Can be expensive if ductwork has not been previously installed
  • Cannot provide zone heating
  • Forced air can dry and promote allergies if filters are not changed regularly.

Radiant Heating 

Radiant heating is not considered to be a type of central air heating, as it relies solely on touch in order to transfer heat. By using electromagnetic waves, radiant heating provides direct heating. 

These types of heating systems are usually installed beneath flooring, but there are other placements that could work as well. 

Types Of Radiant Heating Solutions:

  • Electric Radiant Heat
  • Hydronic Radiant Heat
  • Air Radiant Heat 

If you already have radiant panels installed in your home, it definitely makes financial sense to choose a radiant heating system. But, as for all HVAC decisions, there are pros and cons to every option. 

Let’s go through the pros first!

Radiant Heating Pros

  • Quiet 
  • Efficient 
  • Even heating
  • No draft causing drying or allergies 
  • Zone heating 
  • High Payoff 

Radiant Heating Cons

  • Expensive installation costs
  • Condensation around the unit due to poor humidity control 
  • Difficult to access if panels need servicing
  • Fewer fuel options


What Types Of Spaces Would These Heating Solutions Best Fit Within?

Choosing the right heating solution for your space is so important. This ensures that the space is heated thoroughly, efficiently and effectively. Choosing the wrong heating solution could cost you more and provide ineffective heating, essentially wasting your efforts entirely.

Alongside the preference considerations of both radiant and forced air heating, there are the practical placement requirements that need to be considered as well. 

Large Scale Heating Solutions:

Radiant heating is definitely a good heating choice for most large scale locations. 


With high ceilings, large rooms, low insulation, frequent air changes and very minimal air movement, this form of heating is one of the only options that will effectively heat the space.

Small Scale Heating Solutions:

Forced air heat is an ideal heating source for most smaller spaces. 

These areas are normally well insulated, have reliable air movement and experience minimal air changes. 


Choose The Right Heating System For Your Home This Winter With Campeau Heating 

Campeau Heating has been in the heating industry since 1948 - and, oh boy, have we seen some record breaking winters in our time! Helping our community stay warm, safe and comfortable throughout Canada’s longest season is our #1 priority. 

Request a FREE QUOTE on your heating upgrade today!

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