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4 Top Perks of a New Napoleon Propane Fireplace

Napoleon Propane Fireplace.

4 Top Perks of a New Napoleon Propane Fireplace

Spring hasn’t entirely sprung yet in Sudbury, Ontario. In fact, tonight we’re supposed to reach a frigid drop of about -22 degrees!

Apparently, winter decided to stick around for just a bit longer.

Is your home heating ready to take another hit?

Today we discuss the top 4 perks of investing in a Napoleon propane fireplace.

Are they just as cost-effective, durable and efficient as everyone says?

Keep reading to find out!

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Preparing For Unpredictable Northern Ontario Weather

If you live in the area, you can confirm the unfortunate fact that Northern Ontario weather is a bit unpredictable.

And by a bit, we mean a lot!

One moment it’s sunny and warming up. The next moment it’s a blizzard with multiple weather warnings blinking at us!

Our last blog shared the best time to shop for a new air conditioner.

We talked about the sudden cold snap that reached record lows. And we stressed the importance of preparing for these bizarre weather changes in the future.

We also explained how the constantly changing temperature tells us two things:

  1. You never know when extreme weather will hit, and

  2. You should always prepare for the day that it does.

Due to the weather, it’s next to impossible to plan even the coming afternoon, let alone the weekend. But it’s 100% possible to ensure your home is ready for whatever Mother Nature surprises you with.

And in the middle of a frigid winter, that starts with your heating!

Below are 4 top perks of installing a Napoleon Propane Fireplace:

Dependable Heating - With or Without Power!

Power outages in Ontario are sadly more common than we’d all like.

Doesn’t matter what season - Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall - there’s always a risk of the power going out.

This could be due to wind, snow, ice, rain, hail, etc.

The important thing is to have your house ready for an outage at any time!

Last month, we discussed preparing your home for a power outage. We mentioned packing emergency kits and installing a backup generator.

Another great way to prepare your home is by installing an outage-proof heat source - like a Napoleon propane fireplace!

This type of heat doesn’t rely on electricity to operate.

So whether the power goes out or not, you always have a dependable heating system.

Zone Heating

A Napoleon propane fireplace is a great zone-heating solution!

Zone heating is the ability to control the temperature of a specific area. This type of heating is often used to maximize comfort room by room and to minimize energy costs.

Most fireplaces aren’t connected to ductwork, meaning they do not heat your entire home. This is why homeowners typically use them as supplemental heating - an addition to their furnace, heat pump or another whole-home system.

Rooms that usually utilize zone heating include living rooms, bedrooms, apartments, and basements.

A basement apartment is a great example of a space that would benefit from zone heating. The residents of the basement apartment can customize their heating settings to fit their specific preferences. And those settings won't affect those upstairs.

It’s the perfect compromise!

Easy, Convenient Heating

Nothing compares with instant heat at the touch of a button!

Propane furnaces require very little maintenance and upkeep. In fact, there’s no stoking involved whatsoever!

Wood fireplaces require wood-chopping, fire-starting and constant stoking. But a propane fireplace can simply turn on and off as you wish.

You can even program it with a thermostat!

So even if you lose power in the middle of the night, your propane fireplace can kick in without you even noticing.

With a Napoleon Propane Fireplace, you don’t even have to worry about fuel refills. Most propane tanks actually alert your propane company when they’re low. The company then comes to refill your tanks - no questions asked!

Clean & Safe Heating

If you’re looking for a clean and safe heating solution for your home, we highly recommend propane fireplaces.

Wood-burning fireplaces have an open flame and can emit fine particulate matter. This can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues.

Propane furnaces have a contained flame that’s protected by a glass facing. They also burn clean since propane is a clean-burning fuel.

This makes the Napoleon propane fireplace a clean and safe heating source for the whole family!

Discover more benefits of a Napoleon propane Fireplace!


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