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HVAC For New Home Construction

HVAC Design and Installation For New Home Construction

Prime home-building season has begun!

If you’re in the new home construction process, congratulations! This is a big step for you and your family.

Investing in a brand-new home means you get to customize each detail to your preference. From flooring to kitchen cabinets, whatever you say goes!

You’ll also need to plan the installation of major systems in your new home - like your central HVAC.

These systems require a great deal of planning before their installation. From unit type to ductwork layout, each detail is imperative.

Central HVAC systems are also installed during the building process. This involves the entire construction team. Everyone should know exactly what, when and where things are happening.

At Campeau Heating, we make new home HVAC installations easy! We walk you through each step - ensuring the perfect comfort and efficiency for your new home.


Factors To Consider When Planning New Home HVAC Installation

There are tons of details to consider before even breaking ground. From plumbing to trim, the decisions are endless!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Our team can help keep your project moving forward, on schedule and on budget.

We ensure necessary factors in your HVAC installation are not overlooked. We also offer expert guidance and advice for every decision along the way!

We’ll help handle all the hefty details so you can focus on the big picture.


Unit Choice & Budget

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When choosing a central HVAC unit, there are a few things to consider.

We recommend,

     a) Starting with a realistic budget and

     b) Evaluating what’s most important to you.

Reliability, efficiency and practicality are some examples.

Which system is most realistic for your budget but also meets your heating and cooling goals?

Your Campeau Heating technician can help you find the right fit - for your new home, budget and lifestyle!


Unit Size

Once you’ve selected your system, the next step is calculating which size to get.

Different homes need varying system sizes, efficiency ratings and ductwork designs.

To find your best fit, we’ll need to discuss:

  • The structure and size of your home.
  • Your lifestyle.
  • Your heating/cooling needs and preferences.

A properly sized HVAC system ensures peak performance, efficiency and reliability!


Unit Placement

The next step is deciding on your unit placement.

Ideal placement depends on many factors, such as electrical access and soundproofing. For this decision, we may need to consult your construction team.

The ideal unit placement is,

  • Far away from bedrooms.
  • Easily accessible for future maintenance.
  • Near your electrical access.
  • On the north or east side of your home.


Ductwork Layout

Lastly, you’ll need to design the ductwork layout.

The general rule for designing ductwork layouts is to optimize the airflow. Ductwork should be unobtrusive but highly effective in moving air throughout your home.

Factors to consider when designing ductwork layout include:

  • Ensuring the most direct route.
  • Conserving energy.
  • Saving space.
  • Reducing noise.


We’ll Handle Everything - Start To Finish!

You deserve unmatched comfort in your brand-new home. And your team at Campeau Heating ensures that is exactly what you get!

We equip your home with the latest in efficiency standards, reliability and performance. So you can enjoy your new home to the fullest!

We keep your HVAC installation on time, within the budget and stress-free.

Call us at 705-560-2441 or fill in the form below for a free quote!

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