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Caldera Caldera Caldera


A genuine heating fireplace


When you look through the large glass window of the caldera you see dancing flames and beautiful glowing logs. The Ceramic firebox liner, log set and single piece burner radiate more of the fireplaces warmth to make this a genuine heating fireplace. The Caldera comes with a standard remote control thermostat and convection fan to make operating your fireplace easy.

  Natural Gas Propane Gas
Max. Input btu/hr 35,000 35,000
Min. Input btu/hr 19,000 21,000
Steady State Efficiency 72.2% 72.2%
Canadian EnerChoice P.4 Efficiency 63.1% 63.1%
Unit Dimensions
Width 36”/914mm
Height 33”/838mm
Depth 16 3/8” / 411mm
Weight 196lbs/90kg

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